12.00R24 AM4S M688 Works Excellently on the Road Construction


UAE huge fleet company, AST, started to purchase tires directly from Techking for 2 years. Due to the fierce competition, most fleets have big pressure to reduce their running costs. Tire is one of the most important cost of them. AST has a high request of tire quality and safety with huge demands for tires every month.

After testing Effiplus for one year, they decided to pay a visit to Techking and purchase directly from Techking for Effiplus truck tires. Now they use more than 80% Effiplus, including their UAE branch fleet and also Oman branch fleet. Below are feedbacks for 12.00R24 AM4S M688 fitted on their Oman branch fleet and their main job is road construction.

From the photos we can see the tire runs smoothly under 100% off-the-road application, without any cutting or tread damaging. According to the customers, we know that the performance of 12.00R24 AM4S M688 is much better than brand G which they used before.

Techking 17.5R25 ET5A Loader is Accepted by Morocco Customers


During the on-site service to Morocco, Techking sales representatives followed the performance of 17.5R25 ET5A LOADER. The tires have been used on grader more than 3 years till now; the wear condition is much good. Our client is very satisfied with these tires. ...
Techking 12R22.5 ETOT Conquered Latin America!


Techking strategic products ETOT TL series are designed for severe road conditions. It has received many good feedbacks since its birth. Recently in May, 2017, Techking people paid an on-site visit to Guatemala. 12R22.5 ETOT is a star there, after several years management and technical improvements f ...


During Techking sales and technical peoples visit in a quarry in Brazil, 16.00R25 ETSDT was praised about its excellent performance. It was mounted on RANDON dump truck. The 1st life on front axle was 5500 hours, rear axle 7000-8000 hours; it was retreaded when the RTD remained 3mm, with 2nd lifetime ...
Far More Than Buying and Selling


-Techking Supports New Customers Local Sales Along with the first containers arrival in Feb, 2017, Techking started its journey in a new brand market in Argentina. To this customer, Techking is definitely new. To help the customer to know Techking brand and products better, and to help them improve s ...
Techking OTR Tires Started Selling in Uruguay


In April, 2017, the first Techking OTR tire came into Uruguay, a new market for Techking. The tires are L5 series, now they have been fitted on vehicle for testing. The customer is requested to track the performance of the tires and provide field reports in the following months. Techking is serious f ...