Enjoy the Moment


Dear all Partners,

In 2018, we asked you to “catch the moment”, as we observed a strong recovery sign for the mining and construction industry. At the end of the Year, we are happy to see that some of our partners made the reaction fast and the business performance outperformed their expectation. 

In 2019, the outlook for tire industry is ambiguous. There are uncertainty, challenges, and risks besides the opportunities. This is becoming the new norm. 

“The world has kissed my soul with its pain, asking for its returning songs.” The real tire people should start adapting themselves to this new norm. For 2019, we would like you to enjoy the moment, being the best of yourself. 

Unless you are already the best, otherwise, we would like to start together with you from a segment category, put all efforts making it the best and then expand the success step by step. For Techking, we will focus on the mining and construction industry and we want to be the tire application expert in these two areas in selected countries.

To enjoy the moment and be the best in this competitive industry, we need to have a clear strategy with the product line. For 2019, per Techking product strategy, we pide our tire line into three categories: the BIG TREE line, the SMALL TREE line and the SEED line. Tires for loader or mix road TBR are from the BIG TREE line, where we need to push the business in a stable way, assure the market share and moderate return. The SMALL TREE line includes some exciting lines like underground tires, medium dump truck OTR tires, which we should promote aggressively and make sure more users can feel their advantages. Giant OTR is our SEED line, which we expect to provide an essential growth source for our partners & customers for future. However, we need to do it right from day one. 

To enjoy the moment and be the best, we need to pay more attention to the partners and customers. Running mining & construction tire business with service or not makes big difference. “If you cannot care for your customer properly, your competitor will.” For 2019, Techking will have a dedicated department for customer care and customer satisfaction. All complaints will be processed, filed and analyzed by the new Department. The customers will receive qualified responses in time. More than this, there is also another team, made up of a few engineers in China and 2 overseas and guided by a professional industry veteran for site visits, presale service, and value demo. Their key purpose is to reduce potential complaints.

To enjoy the moment and be the best, we also need to learn carefully the customer needs. If we switch our attention from customers to internal affairs, we will lose our value. For 2019, we further remind ourselves to be a ‘customer oriented' company. We did not do well last year in this respect. On one hand, we will respect the business model of certain partners. We should do our job and provide our support according to their business model. On the other hand, for some partners, we will make deeper involvement per their need with the package solution. 

To enjoy the moment and be the best, we also need to build frequent interaction and synergy with each other. The bigger the challenge is, the more necessary we need to be united and the more chances we can win the battle together. 

Dear all partners, for 2019, let's continue to work closely, enjoy the moment together and be the best of ourselves. 

Best regards,

Tech Wang:


Techking Tires 

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