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Techking Crane Tire Tracking in Taiwan


Since 2014, when Techking officially started the crane tire project in Taiwan, technical performance tracking has been operating as annual activity.

Basing on the running phase of crane tire, Techking visited Taiwan in August this year and met more than twenty crane companies around 他the whole Taiwan. Some of them are already old friend of Techking, some of them are under trial process.

With almost two years running, ETCRANE tire is under stable condition. Meanwhile, Mr. Jason, the OTR engineer of Techking, take the site data and get the feedback from the end-users, keeping to improve the performance of Techking product and give the real value to everybody. 

The distribution picture of Techking crane users in Taiwan  

Jason, the OTR engineer, checked the performance of ETCRANE on-site

Techking Joined BAUMA Munich


BAUMA Munich 2019 closed successfully. During the worlds largest trade fair in the mining construction industry, Techking showed a lot of breakthrough products to the customers: ETCRANE is the best crane tire, time proved and OE by global original equipment; PROADT, 10% CPH saved ADT tire; SUPER RDT ...
Techking Tires became the only designated radial tire for SANY new vehicle


On April 29, 2019, SANY launched its new S Class rigid dump truck. Techking is the only designated radial tire supplier for this vehicle. ...
Techking Employee Training Plan


Hello, I'm Monica, the HR manager of Techking. I am in charge of the improvement of organizational and personal capabilities, the establishment of post competency standards, promotion channels, the identification of personal competence, and the implementation of a personalized development plan. Talen ...
Impressive tracking report of 24.00R35 ETDT in Kuzbass Russia


Impressive tracking report of 24.00R35 ETDT in Kuzbass Russia Kuzbass region is one of the most famous coal resource regions in the world, which produced 255.3 million tons of coal in 2018. To transport the huge quantities of coal, the demand for RDT is very large, especially the 35 one. Last year Te ...
Enjoy the Moment


Dear all Partners, In 2018, we asked you to catch the moment, as we observed a strong recovery sign for the mining and construction industry. At the end of the Year, we are happy to see that some of our partners made the reaction fast and the business performance outperformed their expectation. In 20 ...