Techking Employee Training Plan


Hello, I'm Monica, the HR manager of Techking. I am in charge of the improvement of organizational and personal capabilities, the establishment of post competency standards, promotion channels, the identification of personal competence, and the implementation of a personalized development plan.

Talents are the most important resources and core competitiveness of Techking. Under the increasingly fierce market competition, the improvement of organizing ability and personal competence becomes particularly important. Only when the organizational ability and employee ability are improved, can we recognize and grasp the market dynamics and customer needs keenly and gained the upper hand in the competition.

Therefore, we designed a special talent development project according to the features of employees: The Elite Plan is for the new employees who have been in the company for less than one year, to help them integrate into the company. The Eagle Plan is for the employees who have been in office for more than one year, to help them improve their professional ability and become excellent employees in their positions. The Expert Plan is for the managers and high potential talents, to help them improve their leadership skills.

Techking pays close attention to the growth of every employee. With the strategic focus of the group and the expansion of business areas, the ability development of organization and talent will be more and more important. I will do my best to help the company achieve its strategic objectives and improve its operational efficiency by improving organizational and personal capabilities.



Techking Service Team Visit a Ready-Mix Customer in UAE


In June 2019, a service team composed of Techking Marketing Managers, Product Engineers and Product Managers visited a ready-mix plant in UAE. They inspected the application of TBR tire on the concrete mixing equipment of the customer on the spot and investigated the special working condition to prov ...
Techking Tires Participates at 17th Automechanika Dubai 2019


On June 10, 2019, Techking Joined the Automechnika, the largest international automotive aftermarket trade show in the Middle East, with their best tire, ETDT for rigid dump truck, ETSA for sand road application, ETFN U for a tough mining road condition, and ETCRANE for all-terrain crane which OE for ...
Techking signed new strategic cooperation agreement with SANY & ZOOMLINE at Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition


In May 18, 2019, the Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition ended successfully. As the strategic partner, Techking signed the new strategic cooperation agreement with SANY ZOOMLINE at the exhibition. Through the agreement, Techking will make an industrial chain and value chain allia ...
A test report from a Zambia copper mine


From December 2018 to March 2019, Techking 29.5R25 SUPER ADT tires had been on trial for four months at a copper mine in Zambia. In March 2019, Techking service team made the 4th site track service, and the tire has been running for more than 870hrs. The data is as follows: Truck BELL/CAT Load 40t Di ...
Techking Joined BAUMA Munich


BAUMA Munich 2019 closed successfully. During the worlds largest trade fair in the mining construction industry, Techking showed a lot of breakthrough products to the customers: ETCRANE is the best crane tire, time proved and OE by global original equipment; PROADT, 10% CPH saved ADT tire; SUPER RDT ...