Techking Engineer Seminar Held in Indonesia


Aiming at enhancing the technical facility for partners, Techking held a tire training seminar for Techking partners in Indonesia.

Different from talk-and-listen speech, during this seminar, Techking’s and partner’s engineers communicated about how to track the performance and to answer the question from the customers in a professional way, such as Claim Tire Analysis, TKPH Calculation, Guiding of Site Visiting Report and Best Practice Sharing.

As one of the Techking service enhancing projects, Techking will keep operating the technical training, supporting his partner to be professional in the total tire management system. Meanwhile, for the qualified service engineer, Techking will prepare special certification to him with the Techking service package. We have confidence that more and more Techking partners and their employees will join this project, which will higher Techking and his partner in another platform.

Techking 2nd Generation 29.5R25 SUPER ADT Serving in The Biggest Quarry in Israel


In November 2019, Techking Middle East service team visited the biggest quarry in Israel to check the tire performance of Techking 2nd generation 29.5R25 SUPER ADT. This quarry mainly works on crushing stones into the sand, or smaller stones for construction use after picking big stones from the moun ...
Truck Design, Art and Decoration in Pakistan


You will be attracted by the beautiful trucks if you are walking in Pakistan. The colorfully decorated trucks with good design rumbling on country roads and highways. During the visit to Pakistan, the Techking service team was told by the local distributor that the TRUCK ART, in this country, is more ...
Effiplus Tires Serve an International Transportation Company with Lower CPKM in Israel


In November 2019, Effiplus Middle East service team visited one international transportation fleet in Israel with the local partner. They checked the tire performance to have a better understanding of Effiplus CPKM in this fleet. This fleet has 50 vehicles and more than 100 trailers in Israel. Since ...
Techking Team Visited JINGONG


In Dec 2019, Techking team visited JINGONG in Fujian, China. JINGONG is famous for heavy-capacity forklift, with strong technical basis and experience on limestone application. Techking, starting with OTR tire industry, is also strong for providing tire solution for special working condition. The coo ...
One Vision, One Team


Dear friends and partners, Happy New Year! At the beginning of 2020, as a new years wish, I want to express my appreciation to all Techking team members firstly. It is your extraordinary efforts, customer-oriented, behave with integrity, cooperate with synergy, contribute creative ideas, improve with ...