Techking New Compound Succeeds in Underground


Techking, as a professional tire solution provider, aims to provide the most comprehensive tire solution to its users with a series of values added product and service, which differentiates Techking from the competitors, including the compound management.

Considering the complicated working condition, Techking takes advantage of its strong engineering resources to develop 10 different compounds to serve the different working conditions. And the underground is the worst working condition, which is full of sharp stone, rock and water, putting a lot of challenges to the tire designers.

Due to the bad working conditions of Longqiao Iron Mine in Anhui, China, in which working condition is the one of the worst in China, a lot of brands failed on the L5S tire until Techking put its ETSM L5S pattern on site test, which had been approved by the good tire performance with longer tire life. In order to make Techking more competitive and provide better CPH and meet the need of users on the longer tire life, Techking senior compound engineer has implanted the specially developed underground compound on the 18.00R25 ETSM L5S pattern. The test result shows that the new compound help achieved more improvement on the tire performance, esp. on the rear axle with more than 30% increase on tire life, which brings more added value to the users. 

We, Techking, would like to work with you and have more achievements.

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During Techking sales and technical peoples visit in a quarry in Brazil, 16.00R25 ETSDT was praised about its excellent performance. It was mounted on RANDON dump truck. The 1st life on front axle was 5500 hours, rear axle 7000-8000 hours; it was retreaded when the RTD remained 3mm, with 2nd lifetime ...
Far More Than Buying and Selling


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