Techking Released New Product, MATE L3 Series


For the purpose of providing more value for the customers, Techking recently released a new loader product- MATE L3.

Considering of competing with value instead of price in the biggest share in OTR segment, E3/L3, Techking designed this new product for construction loaders. 

Right tire to right application, we have well studied the working conditions:

1. Max. Speed: 10km/h

2. Max. Loading: Standard load

3. Road Condition: Construction

4. One-way Distance: ≤1km

And also the challenges of the construction application:

1. Huge Impacts on Front Wheels during Loading

2. Crown Wearing Due to Frequently Turning

3. Wearing and Tearing on Sidewall

The engineers make some special designs:

So that the tire performance will be improved and the value will be provided to the customers.

Please don’t hesitate to make an order. As long as you make an order, you will find more surprise.

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