E&SH strategy

Techking’s E&SH strategy originated from the Techking core competence principle and Code of Ethics. The strategy
emphasizes our corporate responsibility regarding the environment, safety and health.

We pay constant attention to the
environmental harm that may occur in
productive process.


We focus on developing innovation technique
to reduce the carbon emission caused
by fuel consumption.


We build and deliver the systematic air pressure monitoring process to prevent the over fuel
consumption caused by pressure problem.

  • Safety in Tire
    production process

  • Safety in Tire
    logistical process

  • Safety in Tire
    mounting process

  • Safety in Tire
    application process

Techking’s safety system focus on prevention and countermeasure. Prevention is much easier and efficient method for safety management. The services we provide cover safety pressure management to field product application safety consultant.
Occupational injuries in productive process Occupational injuries preventing plan
Product quality caused personal injuries

Thoroughly control of product quality

Improper Handling caused personal injuries

Proper Personal Protective Equipment