Techking Service Team Visit a Ready-Mix Customer in UAE


In June 2019, a service team composed of Techking Marketing Managers, Product Engineers and Product Managers visited a ready-mix plant in UAE. They inspected the application of TBR tire on the concrete mixing equipment of the customer on the spot and investigated the special working condition to provide customized product, from the aspects of industry and mining, equipment maintenance, fleet management, tire handling and training to collect data for future product improvement.

The customer's concrete transportation distance is about 30km. It has a highly professional management mode and method for the fleet. It has a high requirement for tire life and performance. How to optimize the comprehensive cost is the user's concern for Techking tire products & services.

During the communication, our team showed the process of product design, management and after-sales management to customers, while the terminal customers told Techking about the methods and processes of equipment use and fleet management, and clearly expressed their high expectations for cooperation between the two sides.

On arrival at the plant, Techking engineers Tod collect detailed data on the operating condition and tire usage and predict that Techking products will have good retread performance under these conditions. The customer showed the Techking team the process of loading and unloading one-piece rim for tubeless use of 325/95R24 under the operation of professional installation equipment, combined with nitrogen reboot equipment. At present, Techking technology design has been completed, the next urgent problem is how to help customers design a quick & safe installation process. 

Through the above on-site data analysis and interpretation, the service team will feedback a technical report later, so as to ensure that Techking 325/95R24 tire can match the rim design of the customer and play a greater value in product life.

Techking adheres to right tire to right application. We know that only through continuous on-site inspection and data collection, can we guarantee to provide more suitable tire for customers; only through continuous data tracking, analysis and improvement, can we achieve the goal of growing with customers. In recent years, Techking is strengthening its customization services, distributing Demo Site, and is willing to provide multi-dimensional support and cooperative resource investment in technology, management and marketing for partners. 

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