7.50R16 TKAM S Case Study in Indonesian Quarry RELIABLE & DURABLE – LIGHT TRUCK TIRES

In Indonesia, light trucks are usually highly over-loaded during transportation. The complex conditions of the bumpy road on which they travel further increase the burden on the tires. For the above two reasons, most tires, including those of the most popular brands, have bead cracks in five months.

  • Heavy Load
  • Complex Road Conditions

The stronger tire carcass gives high tensile steel wires. For complex road conditions, 7.50R16 TKAM S shows its better impact resistance performance because of the reinforced bead fillers for less sidewall deformation when carrying the same load, plus optimized bead materials provide better load-carrying performance under the same sidewall deformation.

In addition, 7.50R16 TKAM S has 200% heavy-loading Capacity which helps to solve the challenge. Due to bead cracks and other problems, tires of competitor brands can only last for five months. TECHKING 7.50R16 TKAM S tires don’t have any bead crack problems and can last for a minimum of 5.5 months. Local end users are deeply impressed by TKAM S tires’ competitive total cost of ownership and reliability.


The performance of 7.50R16 TKAM S has been highly recognized by local end users. As Techking’s customer-oriented Three-lever Development Model goes deeper in Indonesia, the Techking Indonesian team will attach more value to the partnership with local end users with the support of technical innovations and professional on-site services.