On-site Services on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in Yunnan Province
2022 - 06 - 16663

Established 17 years, Techking concentrates on the tires for mining and construction industries to accommodate the varied needs of customers and provide diversified services. In April, The Techking service team set off for Yunnan Province in southwest China to visit a key customer there.

With an altitude of 4,900 meters on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Techking service team has altitude sickness even though they have prepared before departure. It also increased the difficulty of the on-site work. In the mining area, the working condition is harsh. Therefore, the cut resistance of the tires must be very good. In addition, the natural climate poses a big challenge regarding the failure rate and service life of tires, which affects not only the operational efficiency but also the vital security.

After arriving, Techking service conducted a comprehensive inspection on the site and found several problems, such as low air pressure and vehicle axle offset. The end-user highly appreciated Techking team's prompt information on eliminating hidden risks and conducting regular maintenance.

In fact, for the special applications of the above mines, the Techking team has matched 14.00R25 ETOH for them previously. The customized cutting-resistant tread compound can perfectly solve the severe cuts caused by sharp ores in this area.

The features of 14.00R25 ETOH tires are as follows:

Fewer Maintenance Costs
Dual-layer carcass design for better heavy load capacity will effectively avoid early failure of the tire bead

More Fuel Savings
Heat resistance compound is perfectly applicable to long one-way distance
Lower rolling resistance for higher fuel-efficiency

Better Cut Resistance
Reinforced shoulder design will effectively resist cuts

So far, 14.00R25 ETOH has been mounted and served for more than one month. It has an excellent performance in terms of pattern wear and failure rate. We expect these tires can last for more than three months and a half and top all competitors in the mine. Afterwards, we will provide more after-sale services to extend the tires' service life and the total value. In this way, we will also make our customers more satisfied with our future cooperation.


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