Successful Visit to a Major Client in the Philippines: Strengthening Partnerships and Demonstrating Professionalism
2023 - 08 - 28767

In mid-April 2023, Techking and local service engineers paid a visit to a prominent client in Cebu, Philippines, who operates a quarry. This visit was a clear demonstration of our dedication to delivering exceptional service and establishing long-term partnerships.

In the interaction with this noteworthy customer, we had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into their operations and the unique challenges they face. This has empowered us to better meet their requirements and develop customized solutions specifically tailored to their needs. The customer expressed the needs for tires that have a longer service life, high and stable quality, and a certain retread capacity. Therefore, we recommended Techking's 24.00R35 SUPER RDT tires.

Since being installed in 2021, the 24.00R35 SUPER RDT tires have proven to be exceptionally durable and are still in use after two years. Currently, this customer has equipped all of their 11 vehicles at the mining site with Techking's 24.00R35 SUPER RDT tires. Our tires occupy a significant portion of their fleet and are the preferred choice for replacements in the size of 24.00R35 tires.

Our visit went beyond merely showcasing our products and services. It was about illustrating our professionalism and expertise as well. Our international representative provided the responsible personnel at the site with a comprehensive inspection report, which they greatly appreciated. In addition, we offered them suggestions on how they could enhance their overall operations and provided them with a list of potential solutions to address any concerns they may have had. They acknowledged the value of our thorough approach and expressed their satisfaction with our services. We firmly believe that this positive interaction will foster a lasting partnership between our organizations, and we eagerly anticipate future collaboration.

This recognition serves as a testament to the hard work and commitment of Techking's team in ensuring customer satisfaction. We are enthusiastic about further strengthening our collaboration with this esteemed customer and embracing new opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we can achieve enhanced efficiency and success in the dynamic mining industry of the Philippines.


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