Techking 2023 Kick-off Meeting was Held Successfully in Qingdao, China
2023 - 01 - 27648

Everything looks fresh and new at the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit. Right at this encouraging moment, saying goodbye to the sweat and memories of 2022, the Techking 2023 Kick-off Meeting, with the theme of “Growth Stabilization · Quality Enhancement · Skill Improvement · Risk Prevention”, was held on January 26 as scheduled. As the meeting began, all Techking staff also began their 2023 new journeys full of promise.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chairman and General Manager, Tech Wang, first extended his New Year greetings to all Techking staff. He also reviewed the work for 2022 and set the goal for 2023: Growth Stabilization, Quality Enhancement, Skill Improvement, Risk Prevention.

Under uncertain situations all over the world, Techking still achieved the targets of both sales revenue and management profit. Meanwhile, the Techking 2023 targets were released at the meeting, and the development strategies and goals of key product lines, key countries, and market segments were further clarified. To achieve both two targets, “Homegrown Lucubration” and the “Product Enabling” will be the two focuses of our strategies. On the one hand, we will stay closer to the customers, listen attentively to their needs and enhance our customer service. On the other hand, we will continue to invest more in research and development for customized products and intensify technological innovation to boost our product performance. We'll finalize the gradual setup of some key national brand publicity systems and implement the supporting in-house marketing strategies to burnish our popularity, reputation, and acceptance among target markets and customer groups. Apart from the above, we will continue to speed up the construction of the service team, build growth models for service station managers, and accelerate improving technical training and certification systems for service engineers, aiming to further enhance product value and customer satisfaction.

It is an important objective of Techking to create a happy life with its staff, the growth of Techking can never happen without their joint efforts of them. At the meeting, Techking announced the shortlist of 15 awards to motivate those who have got remarkable results or contributions during 2022. The 2023 Techking incentive plan was also released and the “sharing” culture was stressed at the meeting. Gloria, one of the founders of Techking, shared the corporate culture and the team-building work of Chinese Party members. Techking hopes to provide its staff with welfare that offers a sense of security, competitive salaries, and career development that’s filled with growth and progress, and be ever trying to build a corporate culture that can give all staff a sense of belonging.

In the past year, all Techking staff has practiced the corporate values of being “Customer-orientated, Cooperate with Synergy, Improve with Consistency, Act with Responsibility, and Behave with Integrity”, under the guidance of which, they worked with endeavor and dedication. Thanks to that, Techking has moved onto a new level despite all the uncertainties brought by the economic situation and the industry environment.

After the sharing, Raymond, Vice President of the company, made a progress review combined with the questions of 2022 H1, and briefly provided an analytical overview of the diagnostic results of organizational capacity in 2022. At the end of his overview, Raymond once again explained the background and meaning of this part: “ All the people reach a consensus after the brainstorming ", this helps Techking grow better.

At night, Techking also held a wonderful gala. For all of us at Techking, it is just a new beginning. Thanks to the kick-off meeting, our common understanding with the company has been deepened, and we are motivated to bravely move forward to the 2023 annual goals. In the new year, let’s realize the goal of “United As One, Keep Creating Value Together”!


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