The Third Techking Tire Shop Opens its Business in Algeria
2022 - 08 - 30508

In May of 2022, a new Techking tire shop opened its business in El Oued, Algeria, the Saharan hinterland city. Till now, it’s already the third Techking tire shop that sells Techking TBR & OTR tires in Algeria.

The partner has cooperated with Techking tires with full trust for a decade, he said: “the tire business was a little bit worse in the past two years because of the global pandemic. Though the crude oil price keeps increasing now, the tire business is getting much better than before with an improved epidemic situation, we are going to open another two Techking tire shops in the following two years!”

With different tire shops such as TSC (Techking Service Center) or TSS (Techking Service Station), we are trying to keep supporting our partners fully, whether in technical or sales, to realize the win-win goals together with our partners. While providing customers with different service items such as tire storage, after-sales service, etc, the tire shop helps also save at least 15% on tire application costs for them!

The local partner felt confident that the tire shop would help him increase sales in the following period. To help reach this aim, Techking will also provide marketing support such as banner design and promotional materials as per requirement. As customer-oriented is the key value that Techking promotes, we will try our best to bring more valuable and diversified services to the customers. 


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