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+10% Durability Increase by Improving Twisting Method +36% Improvement of Impact Resistance

· +5% strength improvement of single steel cord

Better Operational Stability with More Uniform Force Distribution

· The force on the shoulder balances the force on the crown, which improves the wear resistance of the crown

Minimized Irregular Wear

· Semi-closed shoulder design effectively reduces the irregular wear

PatternSizeTRA CodeStar RatingRim Width
& Flange
Tread DepthLoad Index/
Speed Symbol
TypeStuffing Qty/40HQ
ETCRANE385/95R24E2★★★10.00W2822170 FTT116
385/95R25E2★★★10.00-1.52822170 F/170 GTL116
445/95R25E2★★★11.25-2.03125174 FTL80
445/80R25E2★★★14.00-1.53125170 FTL90

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