17.5R25 PROLHD Case Study in South African PGM Mine Customized Tire-Service Combo Brings the End User a 45% Lower CPH
The Background

This is one of the five largest underground PGM mines in South Africa. The end user used bias tires originally. But due to severe road conditions and hard sharp rocks of the jobsite, he was beset with high operation and maintenance costs caused by improper tire choosing and insufficient maintenance experience.

Knowing the problem and their needs, Techking and our local partner offer the customized tire-service combo which includes 17.5R25 PROLHD radial tires, a customized compound and a general service contract to help prolong tire life and reduce our end user’s total cost of ownership.

The Challenge
  • Severe working conditions
  • The high total cost of ownership
The Solution

At this jobsite, Techking is the only brand whose tire life reached the end user’s expectation. The final average tire life of 17.5R25 PROLHD is much higher than what was made by its counterpart from the tier-1 brand GY. 

Moreover, in terms of CPH, 17.5R25 PROLHD tires bring a saving of 45%. Our end user highly appreciated this result.

The Future

Soon, our end user will invite our local partner to submit a bid for a 3-year contract. Thanks to the excellent performance of our tires and the professional on-site service and online training provided, we have great confidence in winning this contract.