17.5R25 PROLHD Case Study in Uzbek Underground Gold Mines Incomparable Service Life & Professional On-Site Service
The Background

The two Uzbek underground mines where 17.5R25 PROLHD tires were used are both owned by a leading local mining company. This company, as our end-user, has high requirements for the tires. In the past, they mostly used tires from premium brands. But, due to dissatisfaction over stable supplements, tire failures caused by punctures and cuts, and bead problems, our end-user is forced to look for other more competitive tire options.

After knowing this end user’s needs, as a professional tire solution provider, Techking organized on-site visits to fully understand the working conditions and collected detailed tire failure data there. After analyzing, we decided to recommend our “Generation II” LHD pattern – PROLHD to the end-user and help improve operational efficiency and profitability.

The Challenge
  • Severe Working Conditions
  • Insufficient Air Pressure Management
The Solution

TECHKING 17.5R25 PROLHD’s service life reached 100% of what is made by tires from premium brand B in one mine site and 168% in another. These results are also much better than those of other Chinese brands.

Besides the outperformed service life, Techking also provided below value-added on-site services to help our end user improve their tire maintenance, such as road maintenance, tire mounting and demounting, air pressure management.

The Future

The Techking team will work with our local engineers to visit the customer at least once a quarter and provide prompt services or recommendations according to their needs. Satisfying with tire performance and professional services, the end user placed new orders in early 2022.

By 2023, we have the chance to get 40% of this end user’s total annual demand, almost doubling what is given to our premium competitor at present.