All Terrain Crane Tire Iteration for TADANO DEMAG All Terrain Cranes
The Background
  • 2011-2013

    Techking supplied its 1st generation all terrain crane tire ETGC to TEREX DEMAG.

  • 2014–2020

    Techking launched its 2nd generation all terrain crane tire ETCRANE in 2014. Soon it became the standard configuration of TEREX DEMAG all terrain cranes models from AC100 to AC1000.

    After Tadano's acquisition of DEMAG in 2019, ETCRANE started to be fitted on TADANO DEMAG all terrain cranes as original equipment.

  • 2021

    The newly designed 445/80R25 ETCRANE will be mounted and tested soon. Techking is also making technical discussions with TADANO DEMAG team in the new product development of 525/80R25 ETCRANE L.

    ETCRANE is the standard configuration of all new models TADANO DEMAG launched recently which include AC45 City, AC 80-4 and AC 450-7.

Consistent Product Improvements
  • +10% Durability and +36% Impact Resistance

    +10% Durability and +36% Impact Resistance

    · The improved twisting method of steel cords and strengthened single steel cord ensure your safe ride

  • Exceptional Driving Stability and Maneuverability

    Exceptional Driving Stability and Maneuverability

    · The optimized ground contact patch brings even load distribution and better wearing performance

  • Minimized Irregular Shoulder Wearing

    Minimized Irregular Shoulder Wearing

    · The semi-closed shoulder blocks deform less to reduce the possibility of uneven shoulder wearing and meanwhile help dissipate heat