12.00R20 ETOT Case Study in Philippine Nickel Mine 52% Cost Saved per Year than the Competitor
The Background

The end user is a local fleet of 9 heavy dump trucks that provides service to a mining company in Surigao, the Philippines.

Before using Techking's tires, the end user utilized tires from other cheap competitor brands. However, these tires had a poor lifespan, resulting in a high frequency of tire replacements that significantly impacted operational efficiency. Consequently, the end user seeks a superior tire solution that offers longer lifespan and better performance.

With the tireless efforts made by our Techking team, we got the chance to test 30 units of Techking's 12.00R20 ETOT tires on 3 trucks. The test results showed that our tires' achieved excellent longevity and met the end user's needs.

The Challenge
  • Sharp Stones on Roads
  • Roads with Steep Slopes
The Solution

According to the collected data, Techking 12.00R20 ETOT tires could save 52% cost than the competitor's tires annually.

Our tires are with an average lifespan of 5 months, while the competitor's tires fail to last even 1.5 month.

The Techking team has undertaken numerous visits to end users, assisting in identifying and resolving any operational challenges related to tire usage.  Also, Techking has sufficient local stock, ensuring the ability to address any unforeseen needs of the end user.

The end user has expressed great praises for the exceptional performance and service provided by Techking.

The Future

In 2024, the end user intends to purchase 20 new trucks, and they will 100% switch to Techking ETOT tires.

In the future, we are confident to have more end users benefited by the performance and services of Techking tires and increase our market share in the Philippines.