Techking Service Center in Pakistan
2022 - 09 - 01744
    Karachi, Pakistan
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    Spare Parts
    Outlet & Storage
    Data Tracking

Techking Service Center in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the Techking brand has been highly recognized by local customers and end users in the market after putting much effort into our brand building for years. With this background, to create more value for our customers and end users, Techking has decided to take the responsibility of providing professional services and helping them cope with the increasingly fierce competition.

Thanks to the joint efforts of our local partners, today we are delighted to share with you that the first Techking Service Center (TSC) landed in Pakistan this August.

Our services include tire repair, mounting and demounting, outlet and storage, spare parts, tire maintenance training, and data tracking. We also plan to add a 24-hour mobile service and build another two service centres for mining customers (TSC Mining) in 2022.

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