Growth Stabilization, Quality Enhancement, Skill Improvement, Risk Prevention --Techking 2023 H1 Summer Meeting Held Grandly!
2023 - 07 - 27154

Summer is approaching, and the seeds of hope planted in early spring are now bearing fruit in the scorching sun and through hard work. On July 7th, the Yellow Sea coast remains cool due to the sea breeze. The H1 summary meeting for Techking in 2023, which focused on promoting "Growth Stabilization, Quality Enhancement, Skill Improvement, Risk Prevention," was held in Rizhao after a steady and organized first half of the year.

Keywords: Steady, Improve

At this meeting, Raymond Zhang, Vice President of Techking, summarized the first half of the year's work, saying that under the efforts of all employees of Techking, the company's key indicators and key work continued to improve steadily, building a solid base for Techking's high-quality operations.

For the development of the second half of 2023, Raymond broke down the objectives and tasks of each business department, R&D department, and functional department, and re-emphasized the company's high-quality development goals. "Each business department still needs to strengthen the process control of key tasks in the midst of swimming against the current, and only if the whole company continues to consolidate the basic ability, can we ensure the company's 'quality growth'". Raymond pointed out that all Techking people must continue to focus on customer value, collaborate with internal and external resources to collaborate, and continue to innovate and continuously improve work methods.

Keywords: Together, Forward

As the most crucial executor of the company's strategy, the like-minded people of Techking are always the strong driving force to ensure the company's forward development. At the half-yearly meeting, Flora Xu who is the vice president of Techking, concluded that under the company's core values and the concept of "United As One, Keep Creating Value Together", the company's organizational ability to pull up and down and synergize with the left and right has been improved, and the company has maintained a high degree of unity of values, formed a strong cohesion and execution, and emerged a batch of outstanding Techking people and case stories. A batch of excellent Techking people and case stories have emerged.

To recognize their efforts and merits, at the meeting, Techking rewarded more than 30 excellent employees, and the award-winning partners shared their excellent work cases on the spot. In the difficult mining areas at home and abroad, they stick to their positions and practice their work duties, which gained high praise from the customers, and set up a brand image of application-specific and trustworthy for Techking.

By the usual practice, this half-yearly meeting set up the 10th anniversary of Techking staff awards. Gloria Guo, secretary of the party committee and co-founder of Techking, awarded honorary gold medals to six 10th-anniversary partners. After 10 years of transformation, they have gone through the double test of time and company changes, and become like-minded Techking people, growing and sharing with the company. In the sharing session, they depicted the growth portrait of the passionate struggle of Techking people from their growth experience and work experience, which inspired other colleagues to strive for self-improvement under the common values of Techking.

At the semi-annual dinner party, the multi-talented partners of Techking gave a wonderful talent show, the quadratic element dance, full of baggage comedy sketches, energetic children's song skewer, exciting and uplifting chorus, and so on. Techking people an optimistic outlook on the spirit of the evening, ignited the party warmly! The atmosphere of the party was warm.

After the first day of the meeting, in the beautiful scenery of Rizhao Golden Beach, more than 200 Techking people were divided into 12 teams and had a fierce dragon boat race. As a traditional Chinese water sport, the dragon boat race not only requires strength and skills but also teamwork and cooperation, which is also highly suitable for Techking to realize the concept of high-quality development emphasized by the same boat. During the race, the participating team members participated fully and fought hard, showing a high sense of team honor. Finally, the Dragon Boat Champion Team and Makabaka Team won first and second place respectively and won the Grand Prize of the Dragon Boat Race.

Keywords: Pioneering, Innovation

With the constant changes in industry trends, to ensure that we meet the industry, customer's next stage of development needs, before the semi-annual meeting, Techking’s President Tech Wang held a future strategy seminar for the company's senior management, Tech said: "lithium cobalt nickel phosphorus and other battery materials new energy mining industry in recent years has been growing rapidly, and will continue to maintain a double-digit compound growth rate in the next three years, the company should be listed as a key focus area." After the meeting argument and discussion, the senior management unanimously decided that the new energy mining tire application scenario will become the company in the second half of the year and the future focus on the direction of development. 

Based on the two focus areas of the mining and construction industry, the meeting decided that from the second half of the year, the company will focus on the layout of the port, industry, desert oilfield three major product lines, "To ensure that the three major product lines of business to continue to push forward strongly, the company will rely on the existing advantages of the resources, and gradually increase the investment in research and development and channels." Tech Wang said.

In the above key direction areas, Techking decided to set up an "independent corps" to achieve effective synergy within the company's internal organization, to quickly open the transformation process of product and service demand, for the company's new business exploration and development to find new opportunities, bring new changes.

In addition, to achieve technology leadership in the industry and continue to bring users revolutionary tire experience and value, Techking will increase investment in polyurethane tire technology exploration. In the future strategy seminar, Tech said that polyurethane materials have the characteristics of anti-zapping and anti-abrasion, as well as the innate advantages of the production process, which fits the company's needs for scenario-based R&D, "the research of polyurethane tires will become an important direction for the company in the next phase".

Techking has once again proven the resilience of its business model in the first half of this year and continues to solidify the foundation for high-quality development and upward growth. "Half of the success lies in perseverance." Techking must still keep in mind the development theme of "Growth Stabilization, Quality Enhancement, Skill Improvement, Risk Prevention", and break through barriers, take proactive actions, and strive to become the leading mining and construction tire brand in the second half of the year.


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