Improved 33.00R51 ET304 Won Uzbekistani Customer’s Recognition
2022 - 08 - 291027

In 2020, Techking started the cooperation with a customer who has an open-pit gold mine in Uzbekistan. As one of the large mines in Uzbekistan, this customer used to use premium brands and is strict with tire options. For the first time, we delivered eight pieces of Techking 33.00R51 ET304 to the customer for the test, because of the excellent tire performance, the customer was convinced and reordered sixteen of the same products in 2021.

Techking’s R&D team improved the tread compound of ET304 in 2021, which has a stronger structure for heavy load and exceptional longevity than the previous E4 tires. Under severe road conditions full of sharp gravel, the high-strength structure offers more protection against puncture and cutting. Compared with the old generation of ET304, the 33.00R51 ET304 that Techking delivered in 2021 has an overall average service life of 23% higher than that of 2020, and the average worn-out life is also 26% higher than that of 2020.

Since Techking adopts the Three-Lever development model, we provide always application-specific R&D according to the requirements of customers or the market. The integrated product development (IPD) system has been one of the important items of our business model.

In Techking, we provide always “products + services” solutions to our end-users. In July 2022, Techking engineers visited the site and checked the tire performance as they usually do. The on-site service such as air pressure management and road maintenance help improve tire performance and prolong the service life. With full trust, the customer adopted the recommendations given by the Techking service team, he is careful with daily pressure maintenance and cleaning up the stones stuck in grooves, in this way to reduce their downtime and promote working efficiency.

Currently, this new batch of Techking 33.00R51 ET304 is in good condition, Techking service team will keep tracking the tire performance and provide more valuable service to the customer. If you have a similar requirement for giant tires, do not hesitate to reach us, our Techking service team is always at your service!


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