Skill Improvement · Risk Prevention· Quality Enhancement · Growth Stabilization
2022 - 07 - 201312

On 15 and 16 July 2022, Techking members gathered and held the summary meeting with the theme of “Skill Improvement, Risk Prevention, Quality Enhancement, Growth Stabilization”. Shawn, CFO of Techking, firstly reviewed and summarized the business performance of Techking in the first half of this year. Under the unfavorable situation of the epidemic, Techking still achieved the targets of both sales revenue and management profit, “The result doesn’t come easy, they own to the right strategic decision that we made at the beginning of the year and our organizational capacity enhancement”, he said.

For the second half of 2022, Shawn positioned the keynote of the company’s development as “Skill Improvement, Risk Prevention, Quality Enhancement, Growth Stabilization" and broke down the business performance of each department and product line. “ Skill Improvement and Risk Prevention help us stay sustainable and stable; Quality Enhancement and Growth Stabilization bring us profitable and growth achievements. Though there are still many external uncertainties and challenges, we are confident of reaching the goals by improving consistently skills, seizing opportunities, and meeting challenges”.

As usual, Techking announced the shortlist of 14 awards in 5 categories to motivate the hard-working and innovative staff and those who have got remarkable results in the past half-year. To the above award winners, no matter from which department they come, they always put customer value in first place during their daily work. They always practice the five values of the company: Customer Orientated, Cooperate with Synergy, Improve with Consistency, Do with Responsibility, and Behave with Integrity.

In addition to these awarded members, we also invited some people who are on business trips overseas or work in the local markets to share their stories or experiences with us. We believe everyone can do an excellent job in ordinary positions! Everyone’s hardworking and dedication should be listened to and remembered. Ben, manager of the Middle-East area, shared with us his previous experiences in three countries: Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt. The distance between strangers and partners depends on how you deal with them. What will you do if your 300 inquiry emails remain all no response? Will you give up? Ben’s answer is no. While developing new markets or customers, he believes that the answer is on the site, and the tire solution is on the site! This is what we always say at Techking. “Being in the market under epidemic, we have to run faster than our competitors and go to the frontline to identify and seize these opportunities,” he said.

Besides, Techking also awarded gold medals to 7 staff who has been with the company for 10 years during the meeting. Our purpose is to appreciate their dedication, persistence, trust, and companionship in their respective positions. They are the witnesses of this decade of Techking, they share with the company and grow together. They are also a part of the Techking family, a "family" where they can charge themselves, support each other, and get stronger. Each award staff came on stage and shared their journey over the past ten years.

At the end of the meeting, a special session “ All · Brainstorming · Consensus” was carried out. The host invited five partners to have face-to-face communication with the staff and give detailed explanations on various questions raised by the staff respectively. Through this form, they can communicate directly with the junior staff, to discuss and provide solutions more efficiently in the process of business management. “ All the people reach a consensus after the brainstorming ", this helps Techking grow better.

Last but not least, Tech Wang, President of Techking, made a concluding speech at the meeting. He explained the deep meaning and mutual relationship between Techking and the staff and encouraged all to keep learning. “Keep learning, the changing times and environment require us to keep learning, but do not forget to meet changes with constancy. Working rigorously and carefully and thinking beyond logic. Generally, the choices made through rational and logical thinking are less likely to be regretted, this personal work spirit should be integrated into our daily work or life. With a common goal, we grow up together and share together. It refers to the goals we have set in the company. When we reach a common goal, we can push forward in an orderly way in our work. In addition to work, do not forget to enjoy life with families, friends, and lovers. Charging yourself in different ways and going back to work with energy!”.

After the meeting, Techking held a wonderful gala at night. New and multi-talented staff showed themselves and presented various performances such as dances, songs, creative shows, and stand-up comedy for all those who are present on-site, and the party was full of laughter under a warm and relax atmosphere.

On the second day, Techking took the opportunity of holding this half-year meeting to organize this attractive and interesting curling team-building activity with all the attendees. This sport has become a more popular sport in China since the Olympic Winter Games held in Beijing at the beginning of 2022. As a competitive sport, Curling’s spiritual essence demands team spirit, sportsmanship, friendship, and honorable behavior. Over 170 “athletes” were divided into eleven groups, each of them representing one country such as China, Sweden, Kenya, France, Jamaica, etc. After three hours of intense competition, the group representing Jamaica won finally the first place! Congratulations to them!

TECHKING 2022H1 Summary Meeting had a warm atmosphere full of laughers and gains. It not only deepened the consensus between the staff and the company's annual target but also inspired all Techking people to forge ahead towards the H2 annual target!


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