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Better Impact Resistance Performance

· Armor sidewall design

Better Puncture Resistance Performance

· Deeper original tread depth design

Better Heavy Load Capacity

· Strengthen structure design

PatternSizeTRA CodeStar RatingRim Width
& Flange
Tread DepthLoad Index/
Speed Symbol
TypeStuffing Qty/40HQ
ETDL517.5R25L5★★14.00-1.58365.5182 A2TL64
20.5R25L5★★17.00-2.09676193 A2TL56
23.5R25L5★★19.50-2.510684.5201 A2TL36
26.5R25L5★★22.00-3.011893.5209 A2TL28
29.5R25L5★★25.00-3.5127101216 A2TL24
29.5R29L5★★25.00-3.5127101218 A2TL24
35/65R33L5★★★★28.00-3.512095225 A8/229 A2TL18

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