12.00R24 PROLHD Case Study in Philippine Gold Mine +30% Service Life than Other Competitors
The Background

This is one of the most important mining projects in the philippines, the current tire supply from our competitor is unstable. The end user demands a stable tire supplement to guarantee its operational efficiency. Besides, the short tire life results in high CPH value, it can not meet the end users' satisfactory of the tires in use. Moreover, all tires used in this mine show high premature failure rates.

The Challenge
  • Severe Road Conditions
  • Insufficient Inflation Pressure Management
The Solution

According to the data of all scraped tires, TECHKING 12.00R24 PROLHD tires' final service life reached 703 hours on average. This number is about 30% longer than the performance of our competitors working at the same job site.

Besides, the 12.00R24 PROLHD tire's actual inflated pressure is slightly lower than Techking's recommended one. After training the end user's technical team and fixing this problem, we estimate that the service life of our tires can be even longer.

The Future

The annual contract between the end user and our competitors will end at the end of the year. Based on the outstanding performance of 12.00R24 PROLHD tires, we are confident in increasing our share at this job site and establishing a closer partnership with this end user.