14.00R25 ETOH Case Study in the DRC Open-Pit Copper Mine Reliable Performance, Professional Services & Fast Local Delivery, The Value of Techking’s Localization System Praised by Local End Users
The Background

The end user, one of the recognized mining companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has been operating for over a decade in the copper-rich provinces of the country. Before using our tires, the end user ordered from another Chinese brand whose tires later made a poor performance mainly because of bead cracks and sidewall cuts. Therefore, the end user expects that our tires can be reliable and long-lasting.

The Challenge
  • Overloading
  • Crushed Stone on Roads
  • Insufficient Inflation Pressure Management
The Solution

According to the data collected on 25th January, ten pieces of 14.00R25 ETOH tires had been running for 17,617km (1522 hours) since 20th September 2022. Compared with our competitor, ETOH tires' tire life is at least 20% longer. The end user is very satisfied with our tires' performance. 

The Future

Valuing our tires' excellent performance and the local team's professional services, the end user placed a new order after the test and expressed the willingness to partner with Techking in the future. As the in-depth implementation of Techking's localization strategy in the DRC, we look forward to creating more value for our local end users.