17.5R25 PROLHD Case Study in Moroccan Underground Silver Mine +30% Longer Service Life Than The Premium Competitor
The Background

As a renowned Moroccan multi-national mining group, our end user operates in nine African countries and develops a balanced portfolio of mining assets with thirteen operational mines, essentially in Morocco, and multiple high-potential projects at various stages of progress across the continent.

Before using our tires, this group ordered from a premium brand. But, because of the high premature failure rate, high price and mismatched average tire life, our end user decided to look for better options to maximize productivity and profitability.

The Challenge
  • Severe Working Conditions
  • Flooded Roadway
  • Steep Slopes
The Solution

According to the data collected, TECHKING 17.5R25 tires' average service life is about 30% longer than the result of our premium competitor, no matter on the front axle or the rear. Our tires have met the end user's expectations and outperformed our premium competitor since 2019.

A more competitive CPH value, frequent site visits and professional tire management services also give us a big advantage over our premium competitor.

The Future

Valuing our tires' excellent performance and the team's professional services, the end user gradually increased the purchasing volume of Techking tires from 20% to 40% in the past years. In the future, as the in-depth implementation of Techking's localization strategy in Morocco, we look forward to creating more value for our local end users.